Globall Football offers several services to football agents. Many of our services are financially focused to meet the needs of a sport that can offer golden opportunities to many. You’ll also be glad to know that we offer a football escrow fund.

As you might imagine, maximising gains and investment potential for football related revenue requires a lot of specialist knowledge. We can provide you with a dedicated specialist team of experts that you need to secure your financial future. We have football and sport industry experienced financial advisers, accountants, promoters and lawyers.

We also offer the following services to football agents:

  • Football Escrow
  • Concierge service
  • Buyer’s advocate service
  • Legal services
  • GloballFootball Foundation
  • Private Wealth Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Contract Management
  • Image rights management and trademarks
  • TV and media rights
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Planning and Estate Planning

We meet every challenge of football agents and are here to provide you with a fast and friendly service. Callusnow.


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A football escrow account is a bank account held by a third party for the protection of the two other parties.

When a football player is bought or sold, it’s important to get all the details correct before the deal is closed. It’s when the transaction closes to both the mutual agreement of the parties, that the verified funds are then transferred from the escrow fund to the seller.

Football escrow funds offer peace of mind. Both football clubs can enjoy the protection offered by an escrow account whilst loose ends are tied up prior to the transfer of player rights between the clubs.

Our service also offers low fees, which can be born by one club or both.

How it works:

1.Buyer and seller agree terms of footballer transfers

2.Buyers pays transfer fee into escrow

3.The footballer’s rights and ownership title are transferred

4.Buyer confirms that he have received the title.

5.The transfer is confirmed

6.Funds are released to seller.

Add trust to all your transactions.


We offer contract financing for clubs.

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