It’s no secret that well-run football clubs can generate a lot of revenue. Sponsorships, merchandise, match day revenue and transfers can all be very worthwhile revenue channels and the numbers are increasing every year.

Globall Football offers several financially focused and other services for football clubs to provide the professional expertise and guidance that they require. We help with areas such as how to structure a long-term sustainable advertising relationship and most advantageous investment fund programs.

A wealth of information and advice

Our professional adviser team have extensive experience and knowledge of football club operations and how to optimize them for maximum return. Lawyers, marketers, branding experts, advertising professionals and financial investment specialists are available for support.

We offer these football club financial services:

  • Private wealth planning and structuring for professional sportsmen, clubs and agents
  • Branding and commercial partnerships
  • Advertising contract management
  • Investment structure, asset preservation, tax efficiency structures and life insurance
  • Young footballer development program advice
  • Asset protection
  • Contract management
  • Image rights management and trademarks
  • TV and media rights
  • Investment funds
  • Social media marketing
  • Financial planning
  • Real estate projects, art collections and other investments
  • Charitable planning strategies
  • Insurance and pension solutions
  • Tax planning and estate planning

If you’d like to find out more, reach for your phone and contact us now.

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